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Taking the reins of your sexual pleasure will not only boost your confidence, but also ensure you are the one calling the plays in the bedroom. So often, the sexual satisfaction of women is cast aside while men are showered with pills promising better sex and out of control orgasms. Ladies, it’s time we demand our own “magic” pill that’ll boost our sex drive and makes every climax an overwhelmingly pleasurable experience. Find more drive, passion and joy in your sex life, Extenze for Women is the new daily sexual supplement for female enhancement. From the makers of one of the top name brand male enhancement products, Extenze for Women already carries a reputation as a leading sexual female enhancement product. There are many factors that determine your excitement and eagerness toward sex. Daily stresses deter sexy thoughts, along with hormone changes or other sexual dysfunctions that can all have a negative effect on your libido. Often, as women age their priorities and views change, along with significant changes to the amount of estrogen and other hormones in their bodies. Sometimes, you need something to help balance out those hormones, along with promoting relaxation and wellbeing so that you can cast aside the worries of the day and embrace your sexual potential. When taken as a daily supplement, you will notice a number of improvements in your sexual health and life:

Extenze Women

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It’s natural to not always be in the mood, but sometimes that lack of enthusiasm toward your sex life can be the result of a deeper issue. Aside from daily stresses, there are a lot of factors th

at can do damage to the female sex drive. Like men, age and hormonal changes can have a huge impact on how we look at sex. There is also the issue of how we view ourselves. Low self-image can de-rail your sex drive in an instant. Sex is an intimate thing. You are showing every side of yourself, the good and the not so flattering. The female brain rarely stays completely focused on one thing for very long, so it is no wonder that we find it hard for sexual thoughts to take over our psyche. Extenze for Her female enhancement is specially formulated to help keep your mind on sex and off the list of to dos the laundry that needs folded, the sack lunches waiting to be made and the hair appointment you need to schedule.

It’s time to stop crowding out sexual thoughts! The specially formulate proprietary blend is broken up into two parts: pro-hormone blend and a pro-sex blend to fully meet the needs of your sexual health and desires. The pro-hormone blend contains Pregnenolone and Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which help to boost your sexual energy and enjoyment. DHEA is a sex hormone in women. With age, the amounts of DHEA in the female body decrease, by rebalancing the levels of DHEA you may also see an increase in your libido and sexual function. Pregnenolone has been shown to have beneficial effects on more than just sexual health. It can boost energy and increase focus. Pregnenolone is converted by the body into Progestrone, which the body uses to generate hormones like estrogens. Pregnenolone and DHEA combined can increase your libido, energy and sexual stamina.

As a daily supplement, Extenze 4 Women female enhancement also helps to support overall health to ensure that you have the agility and vitality to match your increased sex drive. These ingredients are also great for both premenopausal and postmenopausal women as they help you maintain hormonal balance while also providing essential minerals and nutrients. Extenze for Women is enriched with Vitamin B6, Folate (folic acid) and Calcium to provide women with the daily supply of nutrients that they need to be healthy and active.

The pro-sexual blend of ingredients includes some common name herbs to sexual enhancement supplements. These ingredients work to fulfill the sexual needs of women, creating more sensitivity to touch and heightened arousal. One of the most sensitive areas for women is their clitoris. Often, the clitoris is an orgasm trigger. When aroused, blood rushes to the clitoris to intensify and prolong the feeling of every caress and touch. Horney Goat Weed is a natural aphrodisiac that has been used for centuries in Asian cultures to increased libido and has been shown to increase blood flow to the genital area. Ingredients like Chrysin and Korean ginseng extract can help to improve stamina and energy, while also increasing estrogen production.

One of the main ingredients is Extenze 4 Her are Damiana leaves. This natural ingredient has been used for centuries, dating back to the Mayans. The Damiana leaf is a well known aphrodisiac that has been used to increase sexual desire in both men and women. For women, Damiana leaves are also beneficial during menstruation as they help to relieve cramps. Its ability to help regulate and balance hormones helps to also prevent exhaustion, relieve anxiety and reduce headaches. Damiana leaves help to combat some of the major concerns women have with their sexuality.

Ladies, your demands for sexual revolution have been answered! Don’t leave all to the fun to the boys. Extenze for Women is a daily supplement that fills your need for female health and the aphrodisiacs you want to boost your sexual desires.


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What is in Women Extenze?

Women Extenze is made from an all-natural proprietary blend that enhances sexual desire and increases libido. The ingredients are intended to encourage pro-hormone and pro-sexual results.

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